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July 13, 2004 by Mr Right0313
To all;

The selection of Senator John Edwards as the running mate to Massachusetts liberal John Kerry has gotten me thinking on this choice, as well as some other recent VP candidates.

First of all, the scoop on Edwards, and how he pertains to this years election. The main reason, as it would seem, behind the Edwards choice is the very outermost reasons. He is young (seemingly, he is 51 though), good looking, and very non threatening. He brings very much needed energy and charisma to wh...
July 11, 2004 by Mr Right0313
To all;

I apologize to all who have missed me in my absence. Busy workschedule and the like has kept me out, but due to persistant persuasion from my wife, I will try to keep more up to date.

So hold on, my first article shall appear shortly; or so I hope.

-Mr. Right
March 28, 2004 by Mr Right0313
To All:

Getting quite accustomed to this site. Anway, new topic.

What is this nation's number one enemy? No it's not Iraq, North Korea, Russia, China, Syria, or the Gays, it is in fact its citizens.

The word is Apathy, and I cannot tell you how many times I feel that from people I talk to. I am a high school teacher and I talk with kids that will be adults soon, will be out in the real world making decisions that affect this nation. When I ask them how they feel about things; politi...
March 26, 2004 by Mr Right0313
To All:

Obviously one of the biggest issues in most of our lifetimes is the ongoing struggle between Israel and Palestine. There has been constant banter back and forth of who is right, who is wrong, and what needs to happen for peace.

It is my opinion that not only will the "Road Map to Peace," not work, there will never be a sustained peace in the Middle East.

We all know that this is more than a national struggle, it is a struggle thats basis is in the religion of the opposing sides...
March 26, 2004 by Mr Right0313
To All:

Seeing how my first article was well responded to, I thought I might write another that wasn't so politically motivated, rather historically motivated.

The statement here is that not only are Nuclear Weapons not bad, they are in fact beneficial to world peace.

There is a saying attributed to the late Albert Einstein that goes something like this, "I do not know what the weapons of World War III will be fought with, but I do know that World War IV will be fought with sticks and s...
March 25, 2004 by Mr Right0313
To All:

As a premier article for this wonderful, and I assume diverse community I thought I would write about something that seems so obvious to me, but perhaps not to all. That is of course the dominance of the Right, and the fading of the liberal left.

Now the upcoming presidential election is reigniting those leftist views that they can take down one of the greatest presidents of the last fifty years, and that is of course George W. Bush. Instead of simply stating what I see is the ob...
March 24, 2004 by Mr Right0313
To all the JoeUser community:

Being introduced to this site a few weeks ago by my lovely wife I have been hearing about it nonstop, well for a few weeks. As she has gone through and posted, and read, and posted again I have, occasionally become intrigued by some of the discussions. I feel I would have a place here, as I would consider myself a unique individual. Instead of boring you with stuff you probably do not care about, I'll just create a short list and then leave for now.

I am......